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Position: Professor in Applied Mathematics within the field of Materials Science

Dr. ing. in Mechanical Engineering

Research area:  computational methods, homogenization theory (see also here), micromechanics, composite structures and cellular solids (see also articles in Norwegian newspapers). 



Address: UiT,The Arctic University of Norway, Campus Narvik
P. O. Box 385, N-8505 Narvik, Norway

Phone: (+47) 76 96 62 25 (office),  Fax: (+47) 76 96 68 10, 
Office number: D3470



Information for Students in Engineering Design
Ingeniørdesign er design basert på ingeniørvitenskap.
Du kan studere til sivilingeniør (master) innen ingeniørdesign ved UiT, Norges Arktiske Universitet, Campus Narvik, mer informasjon om studiet finner du her:

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Updated: August 12., 2016